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Symptom :: Sinusitis

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses sometimes caused by infection and also by injury to nasal bones. Symptoms may be headache over one or both eyes; facial pain in sinus cavities; blocked up nose. The following remedies are just a few that are sued to treat sinusitis.


HEPAR SULPHURICUM -- Calcium Sulphide
Sinus pain comes on by exposure to cold dry winds. Yellow mucus. Sensitive to drafts; feels as if air is blowing on him. Chilly, irritable. Touching affected area is painful. Worse lying on painful side; motion; night; on awakening; blowing the nose. Better from warmth.
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KALI BICHROMICUM -- Potassium Dichromate
Discharge is thick, ropy, tenacious. It may be green or yellow; burning. The discharge may drain down the back of the throat causing the person to cough up this thick discharge. Pain at the root of the nose; pain occurs in small spots - person can put finger ?right on the painful spot?. Headache in forehead; over one eye. Worse morning; hot weather; stooping; sitting; eating. Better from heat; motion; pressure.
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PULSATILLA -- Wind Flower
Sinus pain is worse at night. Discharge is creamy, thick and usually yellow or green. Worse at night; warm room; on standing or stooping; raising the eyes. Desires open air; feels better out of doors. Weepy, needy, wants attention. Digestive symptoms sometimes are also present.
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Thick mucus, hawking; headache from congestion; inflamed mucous membranes.
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