eNews vol 1, no 6

June 22nd, 2007

I Have Poison Ivy!!! - It Must Be Summer

As much as we long for summer to arrive, there a few "side effects" we could do without: poison ivy, sore backs, aching muscles, bug bites, and bee stings.

For the poison ivy that is lurking out there, try Rhus Tox 4X Poison Ivy Pills. Not only can you use this product for the treatment of poison ivy, it can also be used as a preventative - directions for treatment and prevention are on the label.

The Poison Ivy Pills would be indicated for intense itching with restlessness; must scratch constantly, especially at night; feels much better with HOT water applications. You can also get a topical lotion to apply - Rusto Lotion. Both of the products have been manufactured for over 60 years and work for the majority of the people who have used them. Other remedies to be considered are:

  • Antimonium Crudum - Vesicles are honey colored with burning and itching. The tongue is thickly coated white. The symptoms are worse from heat of sun and also from cold bathing. Better from moist warmth.

  • Croton Tiglium - The skin feels as if it is being pulled tight. The rash is primarily on the face and genitals.

  • Anacardium Orientalis - There is blistering on face, hands and fingers with a yellow discharge from the eruptions which crust over.

Aching Backs - Sore Muscles

For those of us who are planting gardens, landscaping, or just cleaning up the winter debris in our yards, try taking a dose of Arnica 200C before you get out there. Arnica is known for its effectiveness for sore, achy muscles. I have a back problem, so I took it before I went out to do some heavy yard work. NO ACHING BACK!!!

Bug Bites, Bee Stings

Ledum Palustre and Apis Mellifica are two major remedies to consider. Ledum for the bite that is itchy with not much swelling. Area feels cold. Heat makes it worse but it feels better with cold applications.

Apis is for the bite or sting that is swollen, red and hot. It burns or stings and feels better with cold applications. For those who are highly allergic to bee stings, Apis is the remedy to have on hand at all times. Should anaphylactic shock occur, taking Apis ON THE WAY to the emergency room can help immensely.


Allergies are a bit more difficult to treat than the above conditions. Check out the Ailments section. If you can't find a single remedy for your symptoms, consider this: do the symptoms resemble a head cold or sinus condition? You might try either the Cold, Congested Head or Sinus combination remedies. Also look at Hay Fever by Pflueger USA.

Have you heard of the remedy........

Bellis Perennis

Bellis Perennis is made from the fresh, flowering daisy. Common names are European daisy or bruisewort.

Bellis is used for injuries or surgeries to deep tissue areas, such as abdomen, trunk or pelvis. Good for muscular soreness and also injuries to nerves. Bellis is indicated if: it is worse left side; hot bath, warmth of bed; before storms; cold bathing or cold wind.

Bellis can be used after Arnica for bruising, soreness, sprains or strains if Arnica fails to act.

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