Believing that emotional wellness fosters physical well-being, Dr. Edward Bach developed 38 flower essenses to work on the emotional level rather than on the physical level. These essences treat the "temperment" of the individual.

These may be combined.

20ml liquids - $16.67 each

To find out more about using Dr. Bach's Flowers, check out the following books:

  - Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer  [more info]
  - Bach Flower Remedies for Animals by Helen Graham Vlamis  [more info]

Bach Flowers
Item ID Name Description Price Qty  
BF01 Agrimony individuals who have anxieties, worries, and mental torment but appear carefree and humorous. $18.90
BF02 Aspen people who are seized by sudden fears or worries for no apparent reason, and who may be generally nervous and anxious. $18.90
BF03 Beech for the critical person who is intolerant of other people’s shortcomings and unable to make allowances. $18.90
BF04 Centaury weak willed; cannot assert oneself; find it hard to say no to others $18.90
BF05 Ceratio does not trust own judgment and asks others for advice. $18.90
BF06 Cherry Plum fear of losing their mind; fear of losing control over their behavior $18.90
BF07 Chestnut Bud repeats mistakes; failure to learn from their own mistakes $18.90
BF08 Chickory controlling; possessive; interfering, talkative, self-pitying, easily offended. $18.90
BF09 Clematis lives in a world of their own; inattentive, dreamy, absent-minded; likes to be alone; avoids confrontation by withdrawing, lack of interest $18.90
BF10 Crab Apple self-hatred; poor self-image, are ashamed or embarassed by unpleasant physical symptoms, characteristics or features $18.90
BF11 Elm overwhelmed from responsibility; take on too much work while neglecting themselves resulting in temporary depression, exhaustion and loss of self-esteem $18.90
BF12 Gentian easily discouraged; easily depressed when things go wrong or difficulties arise; easily disheartened by small set backs. $18.90
BF13 Gorse hopelessness, gives up; defeatism, "oh what's the use!" $18.90
BF14 Heather self-centered; needs an audience, dislikes being alone; do not realize they are often avoided because they sap other people's vitality. $18.90
BF15 Holly jealousy, hatred; lack the ability to feel love $18.90
BF16 Honeysuckle dwell in the past, nostalgic; cannot change present because of this $18.90
BF17 Hornbeam mental weariness, procrastination; "Monday Morning" feeling $18.90
BF18 Impatiens irritability, impatient; act, think, speak quickly; frustrated and irritated by slow co-workers $18.90
BF19 Larch lacks self-confidence, feels inferior; fears failure yet secretly believes they can do it $18.90
BF20 Mimulus fears known things i.e., spiders, flying; shy, timid but are often artistic and talented $18.90
BF33 Mustard feels sad for no apparent reason $18.90
BF36 Oak brave, struggles against great difficulties even when it seems hopeless. $18.90
BF35 Olive Mental and physical exhaustion; feels as if they have no strength. $18.90
BF21 Pine self-reproach; guilt complex--blames self even for mistakes of others; always apologizing $18.90
BF22 Red Chestnut worries about others; constantly fears the worst $18.90
BF23 Rock Rose panic, terror; frozen with fear; often occurs after being in an accident, or narrowly avoiding or witnessing an accident $18.90
BF24 Rock Water opinionated, fixed ideas, rigid minded; self-denial to the point of martrydom; cannot connect with lives of others $18.90
BF25 Scleranthus uncertainty, cannot make decisions; mood swings up and down $18.90
BF26 Star of Bethlehem effects from shock, trauma of any kind $18.90
BF27 Sweet Chestnut mental anguish; bleak outlook; utter dejection $18.90
BF28 Vervain over-achievers; high strung; fanatical beliefs; strong willed with strong beliefs $18.90
BF37 Vine very self-assured, confident; certain they are right; people would benefit if they did what he told them to do. $18.90
BF34 Walnut Aids in adapting to changes of any kind; have definite opinions but easily swayed by others $18.90
BF29 Water Violet appears condescending but are actually gentle and self-reliant; enjoys being alone $18.90
BF30 White Chestnut obsessive, unwanted thoughts; mental arguments that won't stop and lead to a troubled depressed mind $18.90
BF31 Wild Oat uncertainty; don't know what to do with their life; frustrated because life is passing them by $18.90
BF38 Wild Rose resigned to everything that happens to them, does not attempt to improve things, surrenders to struggle without complaint. $18.90
BF32 Willow bitterness, resentment, "poor me"; resent good fortune of others; enjoy spreading gloom $18.90
Rescue Remedy

A combination of 5 Flower Essences for mental shock, trauma, stress.

Item ID Description Price Qty  
RR01 Rescue Remedy - 10 ml dropper $15.00
RR02 Rescue Remedy - 20 ml dropper $21.46
RR03 Rescue Remedy - 20 ml spray $21.46
Rescue Remedy Cream

Topical application for burns, bruises, physical trauma.

Item ID Description Price Qty  
RR04 Rescue Remedy Cream - 30 grams $11.77

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