The following information is provided as a guideline to using the cell salts. Always consult a homeopathic practitioner before taking a remedy. This information is for acute treatment only - it is not intended for any life threatening condition or a condition which requires treatment by a medical doctor. If pregnant, always consult your medical provider before taking any medication.

What are cell salts, tissue salts, bioplasm, biochemics, Schuessler salts, 12 cell salts or 12 tissue salts?

These are 12 elements that, when taken in homeopathic form, can help keep the body in a state of wellness. Rudolph Virchow, a German pathologist, discovered that the human body is made up of millions of cells. These cells are made up of a balanced combination of water, organic elements and inorganic elements. These inorganic, or mineral elements, use the organic elements to build more cells. As cells die, new ones replace them. The blood supplies the nutrients necessary for this rebuilding process. But if there is a lack of the inorganic element, then cells cannot rebuild properly and this creates dis-ease in the body.

Wilhelm Schuessler, medical doctor, physiological chemist and physicist, is the founder of the Biochemic System of Medicine. Based on the information above, along with other discoveries in cellular pathology, Dr. Schuessler determined that there are 12 elements that correspond with the inorganic elements in the human body; that if there was an imbalance of any of these inorganic elements, you could take the corresponding element in homeopathic preparation to restore the body to health.

Potency and Selection

Cell salts come in the following potencies: 3X, 6X, 12X and 30X. They are available in tablet form but can also be on sucrose pills. A dose would consist of 4 tablets or pills. The most commonly used potency is a 6X.

In selecting the proper cell salt, match up your symptoms with those of the individual cell salts. The one salt that corresponds most closely with your symptoms would be your first choice. Pay close attention to the Keynote Symptoms if they are available.

The 12 Individual Tissue/Cell Salts

Buy Calcarea Fluoricum   Calcarea Fluoricum
Buy Calcarea Phosphoricum   Calcarea Phosphoricum
Buy Calcarea Sulphuricum   Calcarea Sulphuricum
Buy Ferrum Phosphoricum   Ferrum Phosphoricum
Buy Kali Muriaticum   Kali Muriaticum
Buy Kali Phosphoricum   Kali Phosphoricum
Buy Kali Sulphuricum   Kali Sulphuricum
Buy Magnesia Phosphoricum   Magnesia Phosphoricum
Buy Natrum Muriaticum   Natrum Muriaticum
Buy Natrum Phosphoricum   Natrum Phosphoricum
Buy Natrum Sulphuricum   Natrum Sulphuricum
Buy Silicea (Silica)   Silicea (Silica)

The 12 Tissue/Cell Salt Combination - NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME

As the name implies, this is a combination of all 12 salts in a single tablet. This combination can be used daily in much the same way as you would take a vitamin or supplement. To treat specific conditions, however, select one of the single salts listed above.

RECOMMENDED POTENCY - 6X is the most widely used potency but it is also available in 3X, 12X anad 30X potencies.

DOSAGE - 4 tablets once a day.

Order The 12 Tissue/Cell Salt Combination
Item ID Description Potency     Price     Qty  
CS01 1 oz NOT AVAILABLE 7.97
CS02 2 oz NOT AVAILABLE 12.72
CS03 4 oz NOT AVAILABLE 19.94
CS04 8 oz NOT AVAILABLE 31.84

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