Cell Salt - Calcarea Phosphoricum

Calcarea Phos. is an essential remedy for bones and also for digestion. It is also an excellent tonic which aids in the recovery process after illness. It assists in forming new blood cells and in digestion.

This is an extremely useful remedy for children. It can help with teething, late dentition, growth spurts, growing pains, headache from school or study and even anemia if the child is cranky, flabby, has cold extremities and problems with digestion.

  • Anemia - provides new blood cells, especially in anemic children and during convalescence.
  • Bones - any type of bone disorder, brittle bones; osteoporosis; healing of broken bones (after they have been set); use for hip joint replacement before and after.
  • Colds - use as a tonic after a cold.
  • Convalescence - principal remedy to tone up the system.
  • Diarrhea - from digestive disturbances.
  • Earache - discharge from ears, especially in children; bones around ears ache and may have swelling around ears.
  • Extremities - stiffness and pain with cold numb feeling; worse any change of weather; crawling and coldness; buttocks, back and limbs asleep; pains in joints and bones; tired when going up stairs; aching limbs.
  • Gastric Disturbances - Aids in digestive processess and improves assimilation.
  • Headache - headaches in children caused by school or study.
  • Lumbago - severe pain on bending, unable to straighten up. Rheumatic pains in joints with cold or numb feeling.
  • Mind - peevish; forgetful; always wants to go somewhere; discontented; irritable; complain constantly; perfectionist; do not know what they want.
  • Nervous Debility - raises nutritional tone and improves quality of blood. Promotes assimilation of vital nutrients.
  • Neuralgia - improves general state of health.
  • Pain - deep seated pain in bones and joints; severe at night; sensation of numbness or trickling of cold water. Pains alleviated by movement.
  • Respiratory - involuntary sighing; chest sore; suffocative cough; better lying down; hoarseness; pain through lower left lung.
  • Skin Ailments - pimples on face in adolescents - use in alternation with Calcarea Sulph. Pallid anemic appearance; cracks in skin (main remedy).
  • Stomach - infant wants to nurse all the time and vomits easily; craving for bacon, ham, salted or smoked meats; much flatulence; great hunger with thirst; heartburn; colicky pain in abdomen at every attempt to eat; soreness and burning around navel.
  • Stool - bleeding after hard stool; diarrhea from juicy fruits or cider, also during dentition; stool green, slimy, hot; sputtering with fetid flatus.
  • Teeth - decayed teeth; toothache worse at night; gums swollen and painful. Important for teething in infants, children, and expectant mothers.
  • Urinary - enuresis in old people, frequent urge to urinate; increased urine with sensation of weakness; pain in region of kidneys when blowing the nose or lifting.
  • Minor Wounds, Sprains, Strains - fractures of bones. Use whenever there is injury to bones.


Numbness and crawling sensation, tendency to perspire, enlarged glands, craves bacon or ham (salty food), sighs frequently, cannot take milk, ice cream or fruit; desires change; thinking about symptoms make them worse.

  • Symptoms Worse - in cold, damp weather, change of weather, motion.
  • Symptoms Better - in warm dry places, rest, lying down.


DOSAGE - 4 tablets/pills per dose. Take 3 times a day. If after 4 or 5 days there is no relief, discontinue use. If you see a measurable improvement in condition, stop taking the remedy - allow the body to finish the healing process. Take again only when needed.


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