Cell Salt - Natrum Muriaticum

Natrum Mur. distributes water throughout the body. Its main function is to maintain moisture throughout the entire system. Too much moisture or excessive dryness is a chief indication for Natrum Mur. This salt also produces hydrochloric acid. Having too little hydrochloric acid will slow digestion. The person needing Natrum Mur. may eat too much salt or not use salt at all. This is also a major grief remedy; consolation only aggravates. They hold onto past injustices; dwell on their misery and also dwell on the past. They do not trust easily; have to analyze everything. This is also a major remedy for cold sores. Natrum Mur. people cannot pass urine if anyone is nearby.

  • Colds - starts with sneezing; nose runny at first and later becomes stopped up; difficult breathing; chilliness; general feeling of discomfort.
  • Diarrhea - alternates with constipation. Watery diarrhea; hard stools difficult to expel.
  • Earache - roaring and ringing in the ears; dullness of hearing with watery symptoms; cracking when chewing; itching, burning and stinging.
  • Eyes - neuralgic pains causing tears; sharp pain when looking down; pain when moving eyes.
  • Hair - supplementary remedy for dandruff and hair loss. Can be taken with Kali Sulph and Silicea.
  • Hay Fever - watery discharges with sensation of itching and tingling in the nose.
  • Headache - dull, heavy headache with drowsiness; wakes from sleep feeling unrefreshed.
  • Hiccups - after eating fast. Alternate with Magnesia Phos. if spasms persist.
  • Hives - eruptions having a clear, watery contents; nettlerash after becoming overheated.
  • Menstruation - for depression and lassitude. Thin watery discharge; headache in the mornings.
  • Mind - melancholy, prefers to be alone; irritable; consolation aggravates; cries easily; memory weak; forgetfulness; holds onto grudges; relives the past.
  • Mouth - blisters around mouth; profuse salivation; cracks and ulcers on the lips and corners of the mouth; sensation of hair on tongue.
  • Pain - pains accompanied by an increase of watery secretions, such as tears, nasal discharges, and urine. Pulsations felt all over the body. Pains in the back relieved by lying on something hard; painful blisters with watery contents. Itching of nettlerash. The pains sometimes appear at regular intervals.
  • Sinus - clear, watery discharge causing soreness. Salty taste.
  • Skin Ailments - skin eruptions when the discharges are clear and watery; excessive dryness of the skin. Blisters, nettlerash, bites and stings of insects (applied locally); violent itching; eczema; shingles (alternate with Kali Mur).
  • Sunstroke - this is the chief remedy to regulate the distribution of moisture. It should be given at frequent intervals.
  • Urinary Symptoms - frequent urge to urinate; incontinence in children (alternate with Kali Phos). Involuntary urination while walking, coughing, laughing, etc.; cannot urinate in the presence of others.


  • Symptoms Worse - at 9 or 11 am; seashore; heat; mental exertion; talking; lying down; noise.
  • Symptoms Better - open air; going without regular meals; cold bathing; lying on right side.


DOSAGE - 4 tablets/pill per dose. Take 3 times a day. If after 4 or 5 days there is no relief, discontinue use. If you see a measurable improvement in condition, stop taking remedy - allow the body to finish the healing process. Take again only when needed.


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