Washington Homeopathic Products has been manufacturing Rhus Tox 4x Poison Ivy Pills for well over 50 years. People who have great sensitivity to poison ivy have used this product with great success. It is used as a treatment for poison ivy and similar conditions.

Rusto Lotion - IT'S BACK. Rusto Lotion is a topical application to relieve the itching and exudation of poison ivy. It also works well for athlete's foot and insect bites/stings. HOMEOPATHIC INGREDIENTS (HPUS): Tinctures of Grindelia (25%) and Camphor (25%). Contains Isopropyl Alcohol (50%).

Poison Ivy Pills
Item ID Description Size Price Qty  
PI01 Rhus Tox 4x - new name "BeGone Poison Ivy" 150 Pills $8.99
PI05 Rusto Lotion - new name "BeGone Scratch n Itch" 2 oz spray bottle $8.09

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