Homeopathic remedies are available in TABLETS, PILLS, or LIQUID DILUTIONS.

TABLETS are made in lactose and dissolve easily under the tongue. A limited number of remedies are available in tablet form. C POTENCIES are not available in tablets.

PILLS are sucrose based. The blank pills are medicated with the liquid dilution which is adsorbed on the pill. Most remedies are available on pills.

LIQUID DILUTIONS are remedies dispensed in either 20% or 87% alcohol. If you are medicating blank pills with the remedy, you must request 87% alcohol—20% alcohol will melt the pills. If you are taking the remedy orally, you will dilute the remedy in water according to the directions on the label no matter which percentage you select.

3X to 30X
3C to 30C
200C, 1M
10M, 50M

Note: If you wish to order a potency higher than 1M and it is not in stock, there will be a charge to manufacture the remedy. We will let you know if that is the case. If you are looking for a potency between 30C and 200C and, it is not in stock, there will also be a manufacturing fee involved. Again, you will be notified.

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